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New York, NY

With a mission of giving their readers the ultimate visual print experience, our team set out to actualize a space that would help them fulfil that promise. Designed for more than just functionality, their office also facilitates creativity.

As one of the largest publishers of manga and original graphic novels in the North American marketplace, they needed a place that would work for the different teams within their organization. We achieved this by providing ample desk space for each person, creating a sense of privacy while maintaining the open plan layout for collaboration.

The concrete floor is illuminated with track lighting to help delineate the hallway, while the pendant lighting over the carpeted floor brightens the workspaces. Each conference room and meeting room has its own unique personality with the use of energetic colorful carpet and customized furniture and bookcases.

Bookcases installed down the hallway and along the perimeter of the largest conference room operate as display storage, with additional smaller shelving units placed between desks for the staff’s use.

Our client wanted to be able to showcase their extensive library of work, which provides visual interest and doubles as a sophisticated marketing display.

Yen Press’s brand color is a vibrant green, therefore green accents are tastefully featured throughout the space; the color is carried across the office via the duct, personal filing cabinets, and kitchenette seating to subtly reinforce branding.

The kitchenette is a clearly defined, separate zone where people feel encouraged to gather. The glass sliding door gives a sense of openness that connects the room to the rest of the office. The pantry above the counter doubles as a chalkboard, providing a communal outlet to playfully exercise artistic spirit.

Now equipped with a fully customized office space, Yen Press continues to successfully entertain manga and graphic novel enthusiasts across and beyond North America.

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