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New York, NY

When it came to designing the new Manhattan headquarters of Valiant, we knew it had to be a space that would not only facilitate the firm’s productivity but also faithfully represent the playful and welcoming nature of ‘the Tribe’.

Vibrant orange is used to frame Valiant’s office space – the color appearing on walls, columns, signage. One will find it even in the carefully curated wiring – highlighting their work by creating a literal depiction of connectivity that relates to the Valiant brand and their community.

Visitors are greeted with an illuminated Valiant sign and a large coat closet to use. Four private offices and a technician’s lab separate the main work area from the hang out area. To add some personalized storage, each staff member has their own old-school locker.

Communal spaces for the tribe were the focal point for the design. Part of this was a large break room that has its own access door from the hallway, a lounge for team meetings and just hanging out.

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