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The Lenart Architecture team has been involved in the full renovation of apartment buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We work with our clients – real estate developers, operators, owners, and managers on a transformation; going beyond basic upgrades as we take these buildings from neglected to fully renewed.

Our team designs improvements to the public space and restores the exterior to meet historic overlay requirements. The interiors are refined with finishes to compliment a modern lifestyle.

Depending on the project, our firm will often gut the space – whether it’s a single apartment or the entire building – and redesign them to make for a more usable and refined layout. In doing this, we add bedrooms and bathrooms, modernize the kitchen, and add in-suite laundry.

Our work requires agile thinking on how to turn the old into the new. It is a true dedication to collaboration with all our partners. Expert knowledge of current code and zoning requirements and the nuances of the NYC Multiple Dwelling law makes these renovations possible.

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