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Teaneck, NJ

We started this multi-phase makeover of an approximately 14,000 sq ft home by working on a reconfigured kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom suite.

We converted the traditional detail home into refined contemporary design, working from scratch and stripping the spaces of all finishes down to the framing.

We were considerate of the client’s request to have plenty of natural light, so we enlarged window openings and replaced the traditional style with new high-efficiency windows, including the installation of

a new folding glass wall to the exterior porch.

A Lutron system was installed to control new lighting and to integrate all systems of the home into one central control panel.

In addition, custom furniture pieces were designed to suit the new spaces, integrating with the owners’ exquisite crystal chandelier collection.

Other upgrades to the home - including the new geo-thermal heating system-radiant floor - were made to increase efficiency and lower operating costs.

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