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New York, NY

Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP is a 20 year law firm that has grown into a dynamic collection of lawyers from a broad collection of New York law firms, who chose to join their common goal of effectively and efficiently serving middle-market businesses as their focus.

Purposefully designed to be an integral part of any client’s business team, they are a vibrant, full-service law firm dedicated to smart thinking and strong client relationships.

They approached our team to work with them on redesigning their office space to reflect their vibrant and dynamic firm. We set out to create a new and bright reception area; this was a challenge as the space is within the interior core of the building, with very limited natural light. The use of white marble, new lighting, and painted glass allowed this space to go from drab and dark to light and airy.

The addition of new technology allows for meeting rooms to become virtual spaces. The upgraded pantry areas better suit the needs of staff and guests, while new carpeting, ceiling tile, and paint brought new life to stale areas. Reconfiguration of open spaces to offices allowed for more staff productivity.

The changes have not only positively impacted the staff and guest experience, but will take Tarter Krinsky & Drogin into the next phase of their business as they continue to offer excellent service to all their clients.

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