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New York, NY

"We had been renovating our apartment in phases and one area we wanted to address was the lighting. We have a lot of personal art that we wanted to illuminate while also providing some general lighting. Our current ceiling was regular height and concrete and we needed a creative solution. We tapped the Lenart team to come up with a design given our constraints and the results are perfect. A small soffit and some discreet recessed track lighting gave us the quality of light that is great for our art and home.

The other area we asked them to design was our TV nook for display and storage. They designed a custom millwork piece to hold our TV while also providing areas to display our art pieces and book collection.

We couldn’t be happier with the overall result – the Lenart team was able to blend function and style and were a pleasure to work with. "

Asher Bernstein
New York, NY

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