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New York, NY

The new home of Gibson and Dehn Candlemakers is characterized by elegant design and a refined aesthetic. Our team devised an office space that balances an open creative atmosphere with an intimate experience.

The new office plan includes a waiting area that also acts as a marketing tool. Clients are encouraged to view Gibson and Dehn’s different products as they are drawn towards the conference room. Glass partitions with mullions are used to separate the different zones while simultaneously evoking a sense of permeation.

As part of this interior fit out, single person phone booths were included for private conversations. For providing refreshments for client meetings as well as day-to-day comfort, a pantry can be found tucked away from the work zone. We made sure to add lots of storage; not only does their new space have great shelving options, but our team also added a large, discreet storage room in the back for inventory management.

The dark grey walls allow the colorful packaging of the candles and diffusers to pop, highlighting their merchandise and completing Gibson and Dehn’s new office space.

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