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New York, NY

Down in New York’s Financial District is a complete gut rehab project that was the very first vertical combination of two condominium apartments in the 37-story Greenwich Club Residence.

We reconfigured the two apartments - maximizing the space for our clients by creating a duplex unit with three bedrooms, two full baths, a new kitchen, and an open dining and living room area.

The previous kitchen area was entirely removed to create two new bedrooms and a laundry area. The articulated ceiling delineates the various areas of the lower level open plan.

The apartment was further upgraded with redesigned mechanical systems. The soffits were strategically located to incorporate new lo-profile ducting and equipment. Additionally, we outfitted the space with new electrical upgrades, lighting, and flooring.

A special part of this project was designing a unique space divider - custom fabricated by a steel sculptor - between the living room and the new staircase.

Our services for the family included coordination with all consultants, obtaining approvals from all city agencies and the board, as well as combining the two tax lots.

“Throughout the project, Bill and his team were so much more than just architects; they acted as project managers, walking us through every step of this complex journey, providing décor and color consultations, and controlling project meetings to make sure that everyone was on the same page and that progress was always being made.

Through their professional and amicable nature, they developed and maintained an excellent working relationship with our contractor, whom they had never previously worked with. They were spot on with their projections for the project cost and duration, and did not exceed the budget they provided to us in our contract with them.”

Sarah and David
New York

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