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Charlottesville, VA

The music pavillion is at an intersection of different urban fabrics. Rehabbed nineteeth-century industrial buildings, a freeway and recent office developments all surround this park.

An arch spans the site at a 30-degree angle to the mall axis, creating its own strong presence. The roof system serves seasonal uses from May to September, and is demounted for storage during the colder months.

While conceive as a warm weather venue, the site is accessible throughout the year. For this reasonn, we chose to give this pavilion a permanent identity. When the roof membrane is removed, the site is activated by another set of programs and functions as an urban park. The arch thus performs on several levels: urban, architectural, and structural.

"Lenart Architecture has worked with us on a number of amphitheater projects over the last fifteen years and we have found them to be professional, flexible, and responsive.

They listen to the stakeholder’s ideas and incorporate them into the design so that the finished project meets the needs of the user. Lenart understands the venue's purpose and makes sure the design is efficient and engaging, while constantly maintaining fiscal discipline. Their attention to detail leaves no surprises during the construction phase of the building.

We have valued working with Lenart Architecture and have been very pleased with the work they have done for us. We look forward to working with them in the future."

Ken MacDonald
IMGoing Events and Starr Hill Presents

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