Not only is it better, but it’s also a whole lot brighter at Agency Sacks. When it came to devising their office space, improved exposure to natural light and a dazzling view of Midtown Manhattan became key factors in crafting an elegant design suited for creative thinking.


Walking into the space, clients are immediately consumed by the bright and airy atmosphere as they make their way to the lounge. Our team took advantage of the creative boutique’s move to a higher floor, using mullioned glass walls and doors to generate a sense of openness that compliments the client’s artwork, while also allowing light to saturate all corners of their space.

Not only does Agency Sacks’ open plan encourage a synergistic spirit, but applying the same expansiveness to the pantry area also gives it an additional function as a secondary lounge and hangout spot for the staff.


Our team included two privacy booths that act as spots to take private calls or host small meetings.


Agency Sacks now has an office becoming of their refined creativity, elevated tastes, and luxury clientele.

Working with Bill, Nancy and the team at Lenart was a real pleasure.  Being in the creative world ourselves, we understand the need to be able to bring an original vision to every project and to be able to execute it flawlessly.  The team at Lenart did that for AgencySacks.  And the openness and collaboration we experienced in both design and execution was a pleasure.  Our space always gets glowing comments (and photographs) from our friends and clients.  And more importantly, our team is inspired and comfortable every day.  

Andrew M. Sacks, President


307 7th Avenue, Suite 1604, New York NY 10001 | | +1 212-803-3356

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